Let’s welcome Tessa back to Pittsburgh!

Tessa is coming to Pittsburgh! She will be here January 7th, and she will teach our group classes that night. The 7:30 class will focus on technique, and the 8:15 class will focus on patterns and styling.

Tessa is available for private lessons Wednesday evening, and during the day Tuesday and Wednesday. The cost of a private is $90 (which is a $10 discount from her usual rate!!) and in addition, there will be a $15 floor fee. To book a private, email lauren@pghwcs.com


If you haven’t encountered Tessa yet, you’re in for a treat. Tessa Cunningham-Munroe is one of the very best West Coast Swing dancers there is. She and Myles just placed 2nd in the Showcase division at this year’s US Open. If you haven’t seen their video yet, you should check it out. It’s amazing. We’re thrilled Tessa will be making her third trip to Pittsburgh to teach us.

Tessa has a natural kinesthetic ability and musical sense which she used in her youth through sports and music. She coached competitive swimming and designed, published and lead coach training programs since the age of 15. She discovered her talent for dance after university and quickly made up for lost time with an intense learning curve. She has 2 Bachelors degrees: one in Kinesiology which gives her a deep technical understanding of body movement, and one in Education which enables her to breakdown and explain those movements to learners of all abilities and tendencies. As a result of her academic training and extensive diverse experience, Tessa is an advocate of progressive skill learning, which is reflected in her group classes, workshops, private lessons, dvds, and written instructional materials.