Jennifer DeLuca Workshops

Jen will be in Pittsburgh August 14th-16th and will be teaching workshops on August 15th!

1:30 – 2:30pm Workshop 1: Movement
2:40 – 3:40pm Workshop 2: Swag Academy (Styling)
3:50 – 4:50pm Workshop 3: Quality Control (technique)
7:00 – 8:00pm Workshop 4: Anchors Away

Pre-register here

She will be available for private lessons through the weekend. If you’re interested in booking one, please email

Jennifer began dancing at the age of 5 in ballet and jazz. At age 12 she was invited into a college level ballroom team then found her deepest passion with West Coast Swing at age 15. She began teaching world wide and competing on the NASDE circuit at 21 while juggling her home based business, Floor On Fire. A company she owned and ran, teaching dance at local timeshare properties for vacationing guests in Orlando, Fl. A few years later she decided she wanted to take her passion for swing to the next level and began teaching full time. She’s had the opportunity to partner with some of the most elite swing dancers in the world for which she is ever grateful for. In 2013, Jennifer combined creative forces with Ben Morris and compete with a hip hop infused swing routine which brought about a new energy and musicality to the dance.


WCS in December

1) Tuesday teaching lineup:
7:30-8:15pm Technique, with Kendra and Aaron
7:30-8:15pm Invitational, with Katie and Frank
8:15-9:00pm Basics, with Sarah and Brad
8:15-9:00pm Patterns, with Victoria and Randy

As always, dance party from 9 till 10:30pm

2) First Friday dance will be held on December 5, 2014 There will be a practica from 8-9pm and the dance from 9pm-11pm.
3) The third Saturday dance will be held on December 20, 2014

Workshops with the Wheelers!!

Save the Date! Brad and Sarah Wheeler will be teaching a day of workshops on July 12, 2014.

The schedule will be as follows:
2:30-3:30pm- Move it like you mean it
4-5pm- Blend it, Bend it, Send it
5-7pm- Dinner break
7-8pm- Kick it up a notch
8-11pm- Dance

$40/$25 for entire day by July 5
$45/$30 After July 5
$15/$10 per workshop
$10/$8 for the dance only
*Make all checks out to Kathryn Mazaitis
** To schedule private lessons please email Lauren Stoffer at

2241_1087453072440_8452_n Brad and Sarah are accomplished dance competitors on the national WCS circuit, and passionate dance instructors that have taught at national and international venues. They first met in a dance class and quickly became dance partners, which eventually led to them becoming life-long partners as well. You can now find them placing in competitions from Boston to San Francisco, and teaching in locations as distant as Madrid, Spain (enseñamos lecciones en español también). As instructors Brad and Sarah are known for their engaging style that makes advanced WCS concepts accessible to many levels of dancers, and for helping others develop their own unique dancing style.

Kris and Rebecca in Pittsburgh!!

On March 22nd, Rebecca Ludwick and Kris Swearingen will teach workshops, followed by a dance party. Here are the details.
12-1pm: “Catch and Release”
1:30-2:30: “Call and Response”
8-9: “Delicious Patterns”

9-11: Dance party. Something really special – Kris and Rebecca will dance their newest routine for us. If you haven’t seen their routines live, check out this link. They are amazing.

Cost is $20 for each workshop or $50 for all three. The dance is free for workshop participants, or $10 otherwise. Student discounts are available. Paying at the door is fine.

Kris and Rebecca will teach private lessons throughout the weekend. If you’d like a lesson, email Lauren at You won’t believe how much a private lesson will do for your dancing.


Let’s welcome Tessa back to Pittsburgh!

Tessa is coming to Pittsburgh! She will be here January 7th, and she will teach our group classes that night. The 7:30 class will focus on technique, and the 8:15 class will focus on patterns and styling.

Tessa is available for private lessons Wednesday evening, and during the day Tuesday and Wednesday. The cost of a private is $90 (which is a $10 discount from her usual rate!!) and in addition, there will be a $15 floor fee. To book a private, email


If you haven’t encountered Tessa yet, you’re in for a treat. Tessa Cunningham-Munroe is one of the very best West Coast Swing dancers there is. She and Myles just placed 2nd in the Showcase division at this year’s US Open. If you haven’t seen their video yet, you should check it out. It’s amazing. We’re thrilled Tessa will be making her third trip to Pittsburgh to teach us.

Tessa has a natural kinesthetic ability and musical sense which she used in her youth through sports and music. She coached competitive swimming and designed, published and lead coach training programs since the age of 15. She discovered her talent for dance after university and quickly made up for lost time with an intense learning curve. She has 2 Bachelors degrees: one in Kinesiology which gives her a deep technical understanding of body movement, and one in Education which enables her to breakdown and explain those movements to learners of all abilities and tendencies. As a result of her academic training and extensive diverse experience, Tessa is an advocate of progressive skill learning, which is reflected in her group classes, workshops, private lessons, dvds, and written instructional materials.

Thank You!!

A big thanks to Chris and Melissa Moy for coming out this past weekend to teach workshops!!! We truly enjoyed the weekend!!!!

Also, another huge thank you to Ben McHenry for your amazing workshop weekend this month! We are so glad you came!!!

Chris and Melissa Moy invade PghWCS!!

Chris and Melissa Moy will be in town teaching workshops on Saturday, September 21st. They will also be teaching privates the morning of the workshops as well as Sunday afternoon. To book a private, email Lauren at

Check out a video of Melissa and Chris!

Satuday, September 21st workshops:
2pm-3pm Let the Music Move You: Musicality techniques for all levels (requires only familiarity with basic patterns: basic whip, push break, left side & right side pass.)
Regular:$15 Student: $10

3pm-4pm Breaking Out of the Slot: Dimension & Level changes for the rebel dancer (requires familiarity with basic patterns: basic whip, push break, left side & right side pass.) Regular:$15 Student: $10

8pm-9pm Jump-start Your Basics: supercharge your basics with added body movement and flair (for all dancers) Regular:$15 Student: $10

9pm-11pm Dance Regular:$10 Student: $8

All 3 workshops + dance Regular:$40 Student: $25
Did you take a Ben McHenry workshop? $5 off!

Known for their entertaining style and emotionally captivating musicality, Chris and Melissa Moy are premier West Coast Swing Dance Instructors in the Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit area. They offer a unique teaching experience focused on technique, purposeful practice and fun all while adapting their instruction technique to each student and fostering each dancer’s unique style. Melissa and Chris enjoy coaching competitors as much as they enjoy teaching beginners and offer a wide variety of learning experiences. As two of the original members of the Ann Arbor Swing Society, they are enthusiastic about competing, teaching, traveling and dancing with one of Michigan’s newest WCS clubs.

Ben McHenry in the Burgh!

Ben is internationally recognized as a professional dancer, teacher, and event promoter.
He will be here the weekend of September 6th, to teach workshops and private lessons.
Here’s the schedule:
~ Friday September 6th, 8-9 pm
Ben will teach a group lesson before the our “first Friday” dance. The class is called “How to create patterns you haven’t even thought of yet.” Then, the dance is from 9-11. Ben and Stephanie will dance a demo for us – you don’t want to miss this! As usual, $10 for the evening, $8 for students.
~Saturday September 7th – Workshops
1:30-3:00 pm: “Tangible Musicality”
3:15-4:45 pm: “Physical vs visual connection”
5:00-6:30 pm: “Making people want to dance with you more”
$20 per workshop, or $50 for all three. For students – $15 per workshop or $35 for all three.
You can register by cash, or check made out to Katie Mazaitis. Paying at the door is fine too. Click here to download the registration form.
Saturday evening from 8-10 pm the ballroom will be open for us to practice what we learned and to socialize with Ben. Free for workshop attendees, $5 otherwise. Thanks Beth!!!
~Sunday September 8thPrivate lessons
Ben is offering us a great discount on his private lesson rate. For us, his rate will be $80. There is also a $15 floor fee. He offers a student discount – inquire when you register. Please email to book your private. Book soon – his day will fill up.